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+ (Positive) the Movie

Oct 2017-Jan 2018 — Everyone copes differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  + (Positive) tells the story of Ziggy, a young woman whose spunk is challenged by the lamest autoimmune disease of all time: psoriatic arthritis.


Shot in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC in late 2017 (and a speck of 2018) for the 100 Words Film Festival, + (Positive) is a short film by Mean Bean Productions' Alex Bradford Cobb and Melanie Lech.


This film was made using exactly 100 spoken words.


Directed by Alex Bradford Cobb.  Screenplay by Melanie Lech.  Starring Melanie Lech with Alex Bradford Cobb, Heather Bartlett, William Lech, Jessica Hatfield, and Jonny Lind.  This film was made predominantly by 2 people and a tripod, but sometimes, we had help, and we couldn't be more grateful.  So thank you Christopher Sass, Micah Foust, Zach Sherbondy, Austin Cobb, and Hayden Whitman.


SPECIAL THANKS TO Craig Smith of LNCharter School, Lee Menius of Carolina Craft Butchery LLC, Elizabeth Lech, and the Cobb family for your contributions!


Learn more about psoriatic arthritis here.


Made for the 100 Words Film Festival 2017.  Based on a true story.

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