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Short Films

Roademption (A 48 Hour-ish Film)

August 2018 — We now present to you our entry for the 2018 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project: Roademption.  What are you willing to do to find your road?


The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in cities around the globe and facilitates time-sensitive content creation involving a city-wide required prop, character, and line of dialogue as well as a unique-to-each-team genre or set of genres--all within 48 hours.


Required Elements:

Prop: Trash Can

Character: Frank/Frida Lapidus, a foreign exchange student

Line: “Do you want to try?”


Genre: Martial Arts/Road Movie


This film was written, shot, and partially edited in 48 hours, and then completed after 48 hours, so, technically, we didn’t actually compete.  But who’s counting?!  Not us, as our entry fee turned from a guns-blazin’ gamble into a charitable donation to other local filmmakers...  While you guys were focused on winning, we were focused on something equally legendary: failing with style.


We would like to thank our amazing cast and crew for being a part of this project both in the flesh and across the country remotely over the weekend and beyond.  Roademption is one of the nicest looking short films we’ve thrown together, all thanks to their contributions.  Now, a paragraph-esque series of text blobs (“credits?”) for them.


“Roademption” was written by Alex Bradford Cobb, Melanie Lech, and Harper Turek (twitter.com/HarperTurek); directed by Alex Bradford Cobb; stars Andrew Kucmierz as "Ned," Melanie Lech as "Rina," Nathan Aaron Dowdy (nathandowdy.com) as Frank Lapidus, Alex Bradford Cobb as "Codgy Old Bastard," and Ben Lee, Nathan Aaron Dowdy, and Mollie Bradford (molliebradford.com) as our squad in black; involved director of photography Adam Fackelman (adamfackelman.com), title animator Derek Elliott (derrk.com), editor Melanie Lech, editing assistants Alex Bradford Cobb & Andrew Kucmierz, colorists Alex Bradford Cobb & Adam Fackelman, sound gurus Drew Cooper (facebook.com/PunchPunchMagic), and Alex Bradford Cobb.


We'd like to send out a special thanks to Nathan Aaron Dowdy for letting us use his home over the project weekend, Nathan Aaron Dowdy’s roommates for not hating him for doing that, Jim Mack McGee for including us in his documentary, 2 Days to Cannes, & Jessica Watson whose awesome artwork tied our set together in scene 2.


Though miraculously screened at the General Screening event August 25th, 2018 despite disqualification, our film did not make it to the Best Of Screening of actual competing 48 hour flicks the following weekend.  Ah, well!  We had fun.


And now, without further ado, we hope you enjoy this special presentation.

+ (Positive) the Movie

Oct 2017-Jan 2018 — Everyone copes differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  + (Positive) tells the story of Ziggy, a young woman whose spunk is challenged by the lamest autoimmune disease of all time: psoriatic arthritis.


Shot in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC in late 2017 (and a speck of 2018) for the 100 Words Film Festival, + (Positive) is a short film by Mean Bean Productions' Alex Bradford Cobb and Melanie Lech.


This film was made using exactly 100 spoken words.


Directed by Alex Bradford Cobb.  Screenplay by Melanie Lech.  Starring Melanie Lech with Alex Bradford Cobb, Heather Bartlett, William Lech, Jessica Hatfield, and Jonny Lind.  This film was made predominantly by 2 people and a tripod, but sometimes, we had help, and we couldn't be more grateful.  So thank you Christopher Sass, Micah Foust, Zach Sherbondy, Austin Cobb, and Hayden Whitman.


SPECIAL THANKS TO Craig Smith of LNCharter School, Lee Menius of Carolina Craft Butchery LLC, Elizabeth Lech, and the Cobb family for your contributions!


Learn more about psoriatic arthritis here.


Made for the 100 Words Film Festival 2017.  Based on a true story.

Last updated January 2019 | Launched February 3rd, 2017

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