We're an NC-based production company specializing in silly commercials/photos, social media, and abstract work.


Panasonic GH4

Panasonic makes great cameras, and the GH4 is one of their leading models. The GH4 records in 4K Ultra High Definition, which has nearly four times as many pixels as 1080p HD video. This means more color, more flexibility, and four times the picture quality of standard HD. If you've got epic slow motion in mind, the GH4 also records in crisp quarter speed. Combine that with a significantly  high dynamic range and you're left with a killer camera capable of capturing a high-quality and professional look, like you see in movies or TV!


Nikon D750

We're Nikon fans in this family, so when it came to choosing a camera for our photography, we went with the full-frame D750. Full-frame means there's no crop to the picture, so we can see 50% more per picture than on a traditional DSLR. What does this mean? Well, it means that when it's time for a group photo at your event, there will be no need to squeeze and smush to get into frame—you'll all be there. With various adaptable lenses and a Popular Photography Camera of the Year award to its name, we'd stand by our D750 to the edge of flat earth and beyond.



The number one biggest killer of video quality is audio. Watch any semi-professional video that's almost good and you'll notice it's not the story or the visuals that let you down--it's the sound. Many folks try to take shortcuts with sound by using their in-camera mic, but the resulting audio comes out compressed (carrying less information) and the preamps (responsible for preventing the addition of excess noise) make it impossible to edit to crispness. We use a pro-grade external mixer to capture uncompressed, high-quality audio and then eliminate white noise so that your project can sound as great as it looks.


RØDE NTG-2 Microphone

RØDE is our personal favorite brand when it comes to microphones, and once you hear its quality, you'll understand why. The NTG-2 is a cardoid condenser mic, which means it's both sensitive and directional, so we can hone in on even the quietest whispers of dialogue without capturing other sound-ruining background noises.



You can't shoot what you can't see, so lighting equipment is crucial to any film or photo shoot. Some would say that all of film and photography is just light! We've got light stands, a selection of bulbs, diffusers, and reflectors to paint your scene with brilliant, bright colors. Ample lighting prevents grain and noise in an image and results in smooth, sharp pictures.


Neewer Stabilizer

Movement is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects to making your video superior to your competitors'. Our new stabilizer allows us to go mobile with our cameras and shoot action sequences with running, jumping, and curated chaos while keeping the picture steady and preventing distracting shakiness.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has the best software suite in the biz, so we use it for video editing (Premiere Pro), photo editing (Lightroom and Photoshop), audio editing (Audition), website work (Dreamweaver and Muse), and special effects (After Effects). We count on Adobe software to help us keep our workflow smooth and bump-free so that you can count on us to make the best project possible in your time.

Last updated January 2019 | Launched February 3rd, 2017

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