We're an NC-based production company specializing in silly commercials/photos, social media, and abstract work.


Wanna Make a Donation?


We're willing to sacrifice a lot for our comedy, but unfortunately, not basic human necessities.  So if you like our work and have a few bucks to spare, you can help fund our projects with a donation!  We promise to idolize you in the credits.


 For more information or alternate payment methods, email us at meanbeanprod@gmail.com.

Bedo the Bean says donate!

Thank You to Our Donors!!

Sandy Cobb
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Outta Cash But Not Heart?


No worries, mate. You can also make a donation by lending us your time, props, music, locations, bug spray, you name it. Let's chat about the possibilities. Shoot us a message on Facebook or at info@meanbeanproductions.com.

Last updated January 2019 | Launched February 3rd, 2017

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